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It has a very profound message, and it settles the mood quickly. But it suffers in coherence, choice adjectives seem to not agree with ...

Beautiful is such an understatement for what this horizon holds. I'd have to start at the focus of the picture: the burning, glistening...

I have to start off with "wow!", that is a fantastic color! It glows and varies very well giving the illusion that it radiates with som...

This piece brings to mind that this buck is a magical, fantastical, timeless being. It fades into canvas as gracefully as it's nature. ...



Hello, hello! 
I started a Ko-fi page and it would mean a lot to me if you could check it out! I've posted new and some improved artworks and I hope you all like them! 
My Ko-fi page:
Igne' Mayta WIP
Igne' Mayta Cyvr' Rae Ni Caorrain (In ya my tuh / siv yur ray / nih kor ran) Rae for short.
Monk-Sorceress Multi-class human and dragonborn, alignment is lawful neutral. 
This is honestly the nicest it has ever looked, I'm almost done with it now but it has suffered a lot of mistakes and poor calls on color. Also the sand for the background is going to be a lot of work. At this stage I figured it looked kinda neato with the tri-color effect and less distracting elements. 
The skull inside the mask is her father's, as part of a tradition in case your parents die before you surpass them. In this way you are reminded to fill in where they left off. She was raised in the monastery of The Paragon of Vopekyo-Alaqir. Her father, Aaryan, was an emissary for their house god, Oecathos. He, along with 6 other emissaries for contracted mercenary gods, conducted the monastery's agenda. They believe that the world should be washed over in the blood of the "unclean". That being elves, orcs, dragons, goblins and half-breeds. Anything or anyone that wasn't strictly human was seen as a degenerate that denied them the natural world that they believed they inherited. Rae's father saw differently however, he constantly thwarted sieges and crusades. No one suspected him of being a half-dragon since he joined, it wasn't until after he was executed on the grounds of treachery that the organization knew. They killed her father in secret and covered up the incident by saying he was killed in battle. After killing her father they decided to disguise her father's skull in a full clay mask so that no one would panic over the existence of an unaccepted species sneaking into their ranks. But it wasn't over. They now were aware that Rae's heart beats dragon blood, a blood line they couldn't allow to flourish. 
When she was barely a few weeks old her father was at the monastery's mercy, he was left a single father in a burning village with a blade pointed to his throat. He cradled Rae in his arms as the bodies of the deceased where piled around him. He was offered a simple choice: to be a conductor of genocide or dead. Had it not been for Rae, he'd have fought nobly despite the outcomes. From that day Aaryan and Rae were molded into beasts for a dark purpose. She trained as a one-woman army, bringing to the battle-front a variety of ways to go undetected, to be resourceful, and unconquerable. But she retained her humanity through her father, and in ways she did not know yet, she had the greatest strength of all. 
When her graduation from training had arrived, she was taken to a torture chamber instead of the testing field. The chamber had no floor, only a large grate that sliced bare feet. In the solid darkness chains chimed, they were hung from the rafters in the ceiling. She was well aware of what this was. She tried to fight off the various types of over powered emissaries, but to no avail. She was then hung upside down in the chamber, encircled by a group of acolytes. That same heart beating dragon blood was held in the palm of the high shaman, her chest nearly an empty pit that strung out vessels and viscera. Before the blood shot eyes of an exhausted young woman, a surgical nightmare played out. Dimly lit magic pouring from the hands of the acolytes seized all of her movement while two crystals where placed inside the largest chamber of her heart. She couldn't blink, she couldn't cry, she couldn't look away. In those crucial minutes of the operation, she learned the spell used to keep her in a death-like state. She noted the frequency of which the waves emanated, the color of which chi to use, how the energy resonated with her body's residual output to cancel the movement. It was all she could do to protect her mind. When all was said and done her insides where loosely placed back inside of her, her laceration then fused to a thick scar, and she waited for them to release their grip. The idea was that when her heart contracted it would cause the crystals to strike like flint and steel. Except the built up charge in either crystal could also lead to sympathetic detonation, so regardless of the crystals striking they could still ignite from proximity. It was much like mercury fulminate with the instability of a primer (the chemical in bullet casings that the firing pin strikes). The acolytes slowly made their way to a safe part of the room then dropped the stasis spell. To their surprise she did not glow from the chest and have her organs melt out through her orifices. Rae had perfected the ability in the moment she had before her heart fully contracted. Every cell inside her was under her control, she manually exchanged oxygen between every single micro-body. This took intense concentration, the kind that it would take years of serious meditation to acquire. For 2 weeks she absorbed moisture from the air and surrounding bodies, reluctantly their nutrients too. She focused on keeping herself alive, often wondering what for. With her parents gone and everyone she ever knew trying to kill her she couldn't make out why she was trying so hard, or at all. The acolytes repeatedly tried to distract her, but after long enough they got more brave and started to stab her or set her on fire. They brought in peers she had spoken to, maybe even liked, and performed it on them around her. She forgot things like the names of people she knew, or what it felt like to move. She scrapped memories that seemed unimportant, like achievements and punishments. To her, this was all life was now. Pain without sensation, cruelty without causation, suffering without compensation. It felt as if there was a weight she couldn't see, even if it wasn't pitch black, that was as unknowable and unmovable as the world itself. The world she only knew from books and the impassable hands that held her from it. She contemplated often letting it end, but something about her was just as unknowable and unmovable. So here Rae hung suspended in every kind of darkness, at an impasse that only fate could surpass. Whether that fate be as free as she believed her father to be (both in life and death), or that it was as crafted and mutable as the monastery made her. 
The final days drew nearer, she could guess when the crystals would finally build up enough heat that they would splinter and detonate. In a way, it's what she wanted. The worst part of all of this wasn't the anguish from the torture, her body had started naturally building up a tolerance. She became autonomous in every sense of the word, free from limits imposed to her by man and nature. Her brain began subconsciously sustaining itself, and this improvement gave her a chance to think. The ability to think was the true horror. As self governing as she had become, she couldn't be free from herself as well. In those final days she had stopped trying to find answers as to why this had been done to her, what had been done to her father and why their lives where the way they where. Not the answers to questions about what to do or feel, nothing that knowing the answer wouldn't change. If she tried to reach out to her god for help, she'd die in the process. In those final days she only knew how alone she was, and in some ways how alone she'd always been. Not even the world outside the walls that she couldn't confirm existed could make her feel less alone. Not even for the entities she'd lived with her whole life. No, not even the inevitability that awaited, that called to her like endless scream through nature. On the final day, she saw within herself the crystals in her heart. They were smoldering like coals, growing ever more dangerous. She decided it was best to let go of her body, there wasn't enough time for anyone or anything to save her. She had tried, but just like all things in her life, the power of this outweighed her. She tried to break out of the trance but she quickly went back in, it was like trying to jump from a ledge. Your body will fight you before doing something you know is dangerous. She tried to face death, tried to really look at it but it only forced her back into the hypnosis. At no other part in her time here did something seem to take so long. Finally something else seemed to grow in intensity, something unknowable and... unstoppable. The weight that barred down on her this whole time somehow became her, and from within a deeper chasm of herself- deeper than her own heart. Something else burned. In this intense emotional state she chased after, she saw her father stand before her. Between them were endless oceans of memories, as clear and vivid as reliving them. She chased after the ever fleeting image of Aaryan. The same scream grew louder and louder until her own was lost within it, finally from the darkness a blinding, searing light erupted. Again she could see nothing. Her body was engulfed in an inferno that melted the layers of her body, the flames shot in every direction and crawled up the walls. The power was so immense coming from her that it exploded from her weaker eye, thus shattering the mask's left side and sending shards like bullets. Her body contorted and twisted on the chains, which melted and dropped her. The rafters above dripped and fell down in chunks, sizzling on the grate below. Rae finally felt the last seconds of life rushing up on her, and for the last time, she drew a breath. Her state was indescribable. What she experienced in those few moments may have perhaps defined her had words been relevant. But just as soon as it began, it had ended, everything she ever was went with her to somewhere unknowable. 
Then it began again. The bricks cooled to form stalagmites and the scent of burnt flesh hung in the air with the ashes. Rae was frozen in a sense. In disbelief most likely. She coughed ash and embers, she couldn't see. Somehow she was still alive, but she couldn't understand because all feeling had gone. She only knew her skin was charred because of the sound it made when she moved. In a strange way she could see better, through walls and between details she hadn't noticed before. She rapidly shook and screeched when she realized she no longer had eyes. Her erratic heartbeat pounded in her ears along with the running feet that were headed her way. In an enraged black out she ended up in the desert miles from anything she'd ever seen. Left with no one and no home, she was followed by a trail of glass footprints. This is where her story really begins.  



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It belongs to gabbyd70  Ocean Eyes by gabbyd70 check her out for sure! 


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